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Site Down Temporarily

This site went down when I tried to move it from one unhelpful web host to another. And, the popular backup plugin I used doesn’t actually restore websites from backups. I’m restoring the site. I’m adding more material, as there isn’t much on it now, and creating some video tutorials, starting with the budgets.  … Read More »

Paying On A Percentage Is Bad For Agencies Too

What It Is: Asking a development consultant or grant writer to work for a percentage of the grant award or campaign, usually in lieu of an hourly salary or fee for service. Here is a link to a position paper about the issue by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and frankly, they say it better… Read More »

Claim Your GuideStar Page!

One of the largest banks in the country called the agency I worked for to ask a quick question about one of our programs. The bank’s foundation wanted to give us a large grant from a donor-advised fund. The foundation representative commended us on our transparency on our GuideStar page. Said it was one of… Read More »